Dock and Lake Päijänne

Experience the beauty of Finnish nature

Nature in Finland, especially in Nukula, touches you. The lake can be felt in many different ways in addition to swimming; it is also a source of food. The surrounding hills and protected area of Haukkavuori is 100 meters above the water level of Päijänne and 200 meters above sea level hosting a wild forest and mixed animal population. The trees in Haukkavuori are approximately 400 years old. Walking the many meandering trails is a magnificent experience, with each step creating an enchanting journey. Your challenge at Nukula is to make every moment matter – embrace the unknown, do not be afraid!

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Garden of Nukula

We care about our environment

The values of Nukula are joy, respect for one another and Nature, truthfulness, presence in the now, a strong sense for ethics, and sustainability. We have dry toilets that do not consume water, we emphasize recycling, and respect the history and hospitality of our old buildings. We enjoy the Silence, we celebrate the energy of the forest, and we embrace the lack of human generated noise in Nukula.

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People enjoying outdoor dinner

Nukula is great place for business too

Nukula is the ideal venue for one‐to‐one business meetings, HR workshops, presentations and think tank sessions that facilitate sustainable, long term relationships. Nestled in the seclusion of Lake Päijänne, the natural environment allows for the maximum level of interaction, capable of addressing the most delicate of matters, observing Chatham House Rule, or to engage in fun team building exercises. Nukula provides the perfect blend of business facilities and outdoor adventure for your next corporate retreat.

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Thank you for the trust! The way you face people and offer yourself and Nukula to serve the wellbeing of your guests is remarkable. It is more valuable than the societal appreciation.”

Kati (from Finland), 2015

Thanks again for the pleasant, fabulous evening at Nukula!”

Anne (from Finland), 2015

“We still talk about the dry toilet. It was a bit of surprise at the begining since we are use to the normal flushing toilet, but it’s very clean and comfortable! Actually in terms of the smell, I think it’s even beter than our toilet here! We are very amazed by it.”

Kaori (from Netherlands), 2017


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