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Indoors or outdoors around the year

The accommodation alternatives for those wishing to sleep indoors is the Winter Proof Luxury Granary, the Old Cottage, the Guest House and the Small Granary. The alternative outdoor sleeping arrangements are  the Log Lean-to and the Hall of a Million Stars.


The Winter Proof Luxury GranaryThe Winter Proof Luxury Granary

Järvinen has brought rye grains for five bags” claimed the text in the side of the grain storage with counting numbers. From beneath the eaves upstairs we found a few liquor bottles – empty though. This is how it started, the storages transformed into beds and the liquor into spring water. The winter proof granary provides empowering sleep for you.

Our rooms are real places for resting, sleeping and meeting with yourself or your friends. Our rooms are not trying to be “micro apartments”, where a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, showers and a lobby are inside the four walls, like in traditional hotels.

Log walls, plank floors and ceilings, which give off sempiternal energy and it guarantees the rooms fresh air. Heating with warm water is smooth and keeps the woody fragrant air fresh.

Responsibility in our rooms is important to us. We do not use the smelly chemicals and there are no televisions in the rooms, so the electromagnetic radiation is rather low. Our dry toilets save clean drinking water and our carpets and wall hangings are hand made out of natural materials.

What to expect

  • four rooms that each accommodate up to three persons
  • the dry toilets at each room with the running warm and cold drinkable spring water
  • in the historical building lighting candles is not allowed

Showers are available in the next building by following a Magdalena Nature Stone Path, adjacent to the sauna.

“I was very satisfied with the services and food in Nukula – in advance I was a little scared of living in the 19th century cabin, but it was WONDERFUL, just fantastic! So I did not have enough imagination beforehand to understand that the cabin can be such a lovely and warm place in cold November. Small charming details were particularly memorable, such as moon phase –cups, the presence of elements in the names of accommodation facilities etc. Lovely unity…”

Katriina (from Finland), 2015

The Old Cottage of NukulaThe Old Cottage

The Old Cottage is the log artifact from the period of 1920’s, which is available during all seasons. From its highest elevation and warmest location it overlooks the whole courtyard. The windows are the eyes of the property’s soul that stare out and observe its surroundings.

With love, it invites you to stay overnight and to enjoy real Finnish food. The spirit of the cottage envelops a sense of oneness.

What to expect

  • a bedroom downstairs that accommodates two people
  • a bedroom upstairs, with two single beds and one double bed
  • a perfectly equipped kitchen with all modern amenities
  • a dry toilet downstairs

Showers are located in the next building which is about a 40m walk, adjacent to the sauna.

The Guest House of NukulaThe Guest House

If you love the scent of flowers, early singing of the birds and the brightness of the Finnish summer nights, The Guest House is for you. The alternative is available when the outdoor temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, from spring to autumn. The Guest House accommodates two persons. The dry toilet with running warm and cold drinkable spring water is located at the Old House. The showers are located in the building next door.

The Small Granary of Nukula in winterThe Small Granary

The Small Granary chooses you to stay with care! The sleep will be undisturbed and very private. The Small Granary accommodates one person at the time. The dry toilet with running warm and cold drinkable spring water is located at the Old House. The showers are located in the building next door.

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The Log Lean-to of Nukula in winterThe Log Lean-To

By the Log Lean-To you are between the earth and the sky! The spirit gives you unforgettable dreams, if you have the guts to sleep tightly next to a friend by the open campfire.

The surroundings of the lean-to are filled with nature sounds. Rakovalkea, the campfire set up in a way that it burns long and warmly, sustains light and warmth. The miraculous stones and the presence of the lake Päijänne increase the possibility of hearing more mystical stories from the other guests as well. You might end up not sleeping much as your group might enjoy the experience so.

By the lean-to there is a dry toilet in use. The Log Lean-To accommodates approximately ten sleepers.

The Hall of Million StarsThe Hall of Million Stars

A new morning, the grass wet from the morning dew, jumping from a stone to another, throwing yourself on you back in the moss. The trees speak, if you dare to listen. This is how the Mother Earth gently caresses you.

Come to enjoy and experience the tricks of the Mother Earth by staying at The Hall of Million Stars including The Log Lean-To, a web of hammocks or any other place in the energy field of the ground.

Your feet steadily on the ground, the air goddesses brushing your hair and fire spirits dancing your mind lightens, your thoughts open and your attitudes face challenging. The new ideas start to take root and turn into crops. The atmosphere is also created by the lovely warble, buzzing, and rustle!

There are six hammocks available. You can cover yourself with an insect net and a sleeping bag.

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