Apple tree and cabin

Organic food directly from nature

The nature can be enjoyed by collecting food by fishing at the lake. The ways are different during summer and winter times. Food can also be collected from the forest, where you will find berries and mushrooms. The vegetable garden and other cultivations do as well provide food from the nature.

Woman relaxing in nature

We respect the wisdom of wild Nature

Mental wellbeing derived from being in nature is limitless. By stopping and staying quiet, you will relax and your stress levels will be reduced creating an overall feeling of tranquillity. Nukula offers a Silence Trail. Walking peacefully, quietly, and without interruption, opens your heart and mind to new energy. The noise generated by humans is far away from Nukula and its surroundings. You will only hear the sounds of nature around you.

Unhurried pace of being in the moment

Haukkavuori and Lake Päijänne

Silence Trail
Join us on a nature trail. Fill your soul with thoughts, feelings, songs and colours. Let the silence guide you through the mysteries and wonders of the lush forests to the culinary indulgencies and purifying steams… Click to read more.