Four seasons

Alluring Nukula invites you to experience
You might know Finland for its peaceful nature, unique and happy people, and exotic seasonal weather. But did you know that Finland has 8 seasons? Have you ever wondered how Finns live in the countryside, celebrate… Click to read more.

Group of people in winter at Nukula

Conquer the authentic Finnishness – holiday!
Until 1950s the place was functional farmhouse where agricultural activities took place, mainly the growing of crops and the raising of livestock. Nowadays our… Click to read more.

Day at Nukula
Finland, the land of a thousand lakes where Finns are referred to as foresters although they are the happiest nation in the world. Or is it so that our happiness manifests itself from being a forester! Click to read more.

Rose Sauna

Rose Sauna
Get to experience moisturizing and softening effects of rose petals in a sauna. Give your skin a healthy glow! Rose treatment is the leader in anti-aging treatments due to natural healing properties of rose. Click to read more.

Haukkavuori and Lake Päijänne

Silence Trail
Join us on a nature trail. Fill your soul with thoughts, feelings, songs and colours. Let the silence guide you through the mysteries and wonders of the lush forests to the culinary indulgencies and purifying steams… Click to read more.

Warm up the Sauna like a Finn!

Warm up the Sauna like a Finn!
Nature calls you to clean yourself in the Traditional Finnish sauna by the lake. Experience abundant physical, mental and spiritual wellness during your sauna-tour. Click to read more.

How to get to Nukula:

  • by plane Helsinki – Jyväskylä approx. 1 h, and a 1 h ride from the airport
  • by train Helsinki – Jyväskylä 3 h, and 40 mins ride from Jyväskylä Travel Center
  • by bus Helsinki – Jyväskylä 3,5 h, and 40 mins ride from Jyväskylä Travel Center
  • by car Helsinki Nukula approx. 2½ h
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