Daily itinerary:

22.6. Welcome to Nukula

Around 1 PM – 6 PM: Arrival to Nukula
• Accommodation, getting to know the hosts, house and surroundings.

At 8 PM Dinner together
• Dinner and storytelling by a campfire in a lean-to. The story of Nukula and our guests´ stories, too.
• Peaceful sleep in cozy rooms.


23.6. A day before Midsummer Eve

We prepare for the mightiest festival of the summer by placing decorations around the house and by baking and cooking all kinds of foods from fresh newly grown ingredients. To have enough time preparations start at the latest on the day before the eve, usually much earlier.

At 9 AM Breakfast
• Decorating the house with different sizes of birch trees and its branches and collect some flowers for decorations as well.
• We bake midsummer cake, some sweet buns, some cookies… Bring your own favorite recipe and we’ll make that as well.
• In the meantime, preparing lunch together.

At 1 PM Lunch enjoyed together
• Continuing where we left off and starting to prepare dinner.
• Enjoying some afternoon coffee/tea with something light to eat

At 6 PM Dinner
• We are lucky there will be the full Moon on the sky. So, after dinner at night, enjoying the full moon.
• Peaceful dreams.

24.6. Midsummer Eve

On midsummer’s eve it has been (and still is) customary to do some rituals from Finnish folklore. They are usually focused around love and finding your future partner. Traditionally it has been especially about women finding their future husband. In the history some rituals were also done to ensure good farming yield.
Midsummer eve and the following night are spent mostly outdoors.

At 9 AM Breakfast
Traditionally on midsummer’s eve everyone collects their own flower bouquet with 7 different kinds of flowers. Traditionally it was later placed under the pillow to influence your dreams, we do not recommend doing this anymore due to possible allergies.
Everyone also makes their own birch whisk to use in the sauna.

At noon Lunch
Lunch is prepared and served outside. It consists of grilled vegetables and meats with sweet and sour sauce.
Free time and relaxing around Nukula to save up energy to stay awake the whole night. Preparing for the midsummer sauna at the Traditional Sauna by Lake Päijänne.

At 2 PM Midsummer sauna
Before the sauna, we enjoy some wild berry flavored water and some flaky salt. We go to the Sauna, go swimming and grill some crêpes at the sauna. That way everyone is clean and ready to welcome the nightless night.
After sauna resting and preparing to light the bonfire.

At 6 PM Raising the Finnish flag
In Finland we raise the flag from midsummer’s eve to midsummer day’s evening, up until 9 PM. After raising the flag, lighting up the bonfire and beginning to spend the nightless night. Traditionally the night includes dancing and partying, but we are free to design our own program for the night. Of course, you are also free to go to sleep at your own pace.

25.6. Midsummer Day

On midsummer day everyone can sleep for a long time. Usually this day is for resting, enjoying Nature and good food as well, hiking, swimming, …A trail To Haukkavuori would be wonderful.

We plan together, when it will be time to have breakfast, lunch and so on.
We are pleased to introduce and play traditional, Finnish outdoor games with you, too.

26.6. A day after Midsummer Day, Sunday

At 9 – 11AM Brunch
Let’s have fun together with different activities for example swimming, playful frisbee golf, traditional Finnnish games, …, forest walking or just having free time.

Around 1- 2 PM
After a cup of coffee, you can return home feeling relaxed and inspired by Finnish Midsummer.


Availability: at Midsummer time

Duration: Four days 23sth – 27th of June.

Location: Nukula Guesthouse, Jyväskylä area in Western Lakeland, by Lake Päijänne

Group size: 212

Adults 480,00 € per person in double room (single supplement +120 € per person)
Children 337,00 € per child, 5 – 13 years

What’s included: Full Board: accommodation in double room, meals, Midsummer Sauna by Lake Päijänne and activities mentioned in program. In addition, the transportation from Jyväskylä railway station to Nukula and back is included by minibus.

Food: The package includes full board. Finnish summer food consists largely of local, organic and natural ingredients. Our Midsummer menu includes typically various salads, fish and vegetables. All food is home made as well as bread. Our breakfast consists of porridge, bread and toppings. Changes possible.

Supplements: Afternoon coffee with light snacks

Guided/self guided: Guided

Accessibility: Not known

How to get to Nukula: You can arrive by car to Nukula or by train, bus or airplane to Jyväskylä. Nukula is located 30 mins drive (30 km) from Jyväskylä. You can take a taxi or we can also arrange a transportation upon request. We can also arrange transportation for bigger groups from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Booking: https://en.nukula.fi/contact-us/ or info(a)nukula.fi