At the time of Kekri, people used their magic to protect themselves, to get more food, and to have a happy life for the coming year.

Many of the old beliefs and habits associated with Kekri, which was named the fall new year by old people, have shifted to the current new year in winter. Nowadays people learned to use fireworks for the same purpose which was used during the old times. Furthermore, especially at the turn of year, people are eager to get to know something about their future, still today.

Daily itinerary:

22.6. Welcome to Nukula

Around 1 PM – 4 PM: Arrival to Nukula
• Accommodation, getting to know the hosts, house and surroundings.

At 6 PM Dinner together
• Dinner and storytelling by a log-fire. Stories of the year ending soon. What were everyone’s highlights of the year!
• Peaceful sleep in cozy rooms.

31.12. New Year´s Eve

All the Christmas decorations are still in place creating the atmosphere for the turn on the year. Now we focus on leaving the old year totally behind. We are fed up with Christmas food and cakes.

Please, bring your own favorite recipe for New Year and we’ll make that as well.

At 9 AM Breakfast
• Now is the time to cook, and bake delicacies in honor of the upcoming new year and preparing lunch together too.

At 1 PM Lunch
• Lunch enjoyed together

At 2 PM New Year sauna for women and men
• We want to welcome the New Year “virgin” clean.

At 6 PM New Year Gala Dinner together
• Now is the time to do some playful magic, focused on future. Everyone can act as a fortune teller.
• Melt unleaded tin by the fire, pour the tin in cold water or snow. What does tin promise to come to you, wealth, joy, or something else?
• Let’s admire fireworks outside!
• Weather permitting, we stay outside until midnight. When the clock strikes 12 at night, we raise the cups for the New Year, and wish each other good luck.
• Let´s go to the bed late!

1.1. The New Year Day

• Now it is allowed to sleep late!
• Each wakes up in time. When everyone is awake, we eat brunch together.
• We plan together, what we are going to experience, to do, to eat, …, where, and what time 😊. Everyone has a lot of free time – relaxing, being in the moment, hiking, reading, …,
• Our visitors have experienced Finnish New Year’s Eve. Now we would love to hear how the New Year is celebrated in everyone’s homeland.

2.1. A day after the New Year Day

The daylight time is rather short, only about 5 hours. This means that the Sun is only five hours above the horizon. So, we will have enough time to enjoy Finnish winter activities; hiking, kick sledding, snow building, …

At 9 AM Breakfast
• Let’s have fun together with different activities, kick sledding, snowball fight, toboggan run to name but a few. Of course, it is allowed just have free time.

At 1 pm. Lunch together
• Quite often the phase of the Moon is special during the New Year. Find out what phase is going on. In any case evenings and nights are dark.

3.1. The third day of The New Year

At 9 – 11AM Brunch
Let’s have a little more fun together with different activities for example, snowball fight or toboggan run.

Around 1 PM
Around 1 pm. After a cup of coffee, you can return home feeling relaxed and inspired by Finnish New Year.


Availability: at New Year time

Four days, 30th of December – 3rd of January.

Location: Jyväskylä area in Western Lakeland, by Lake Päijänne

Group size: 210

Adults 480,00 € per person in double room (single supplement +120 € per person)
Children 337,00 € per child, 5 – 13 years

What’s included: Full Board: accommodation in double room, meals, New Year Sauna, and activities mentioned in program.

Food: The package includes full board. Finnish winter food consists largely of local, organic, and natural ingredients. Our New Year menu includes typically various salads, fish, and casseroles. All food is home made as well as bread. Our breakfast consists of porridge, bread, and toppings.

Supplements: Afternoon coffee with light snacks

Guided/self-guided: Guided

Accessibility: Not known

How to get to Nukula: You can arrive by car to Nukula or by train, bus, or airplane to Jyväskylä. Nukula is located 30 mins drive (30 km) from Jyväskylä. You can take a taxi, or we can also arrange a transportation upon request. We can also arrange transportation for bigger groups from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Booking: https://en.nukula.fi/contact-us/ or info(a)nukula.fi