Dive into the true authentic Finnishness – spend your day at Nukula.

• Live and rejoice the boat trip on the second largest lake in Finland, Päijänne.
• Experience the gentle heat of the Traditional sauna.
• Enjoy the vegetarian food without any additives at the Log lean under the sky.
• Our summer sheep are expecting to receive scratches.
• Finnish forest is your best friend and healer.

The day’s program

Our journey begins from the harbor of Jyväskylä where the boat waits for you. You sail on the second largest lake of our country called Päijänne while our captain is explaining about the islands, capes, and glens. Enjoy, absorb the enchantment and vastness, hear the whispers of the clouds and the patter of the raindrops. For a moment be a part of this swinging/pitching entirety-

You are being received at the pier of Nukula, you are warmly welcome! Let´s get to know each other, drink a cup of refreshing homemade juice, and tell stories for a moment. Let us surrender ourselves to the solid ground and forest. Hike.

There is a campfire at the Log shelter/lean-to where the day´s lunch is served.

After a delicious meal let´s have a siesta, enjoying and breathing
in the courtyard of Nukula.

Our responsible staff members, the summer sheep, are anxiously waiting for your pets. Helmi is the grandma of the flock. Huippu, the lamb of last year with a black and white tip of the tail along with Mini and 0196.

The Forest trail summons us to return to the shore of Päijänne while listening, sensing feeling, and maybe even tasting our surroundings. Let´s warm up the sauna like a Finn!

For us, a sauna is a sacred place where you unwind. On the waves of Päijänne you may cool and refresh. We serve you a grilled sausage and thin pancakes with delicious berry filling, made on the griddle. Fresh spring water and homemade rhubarb juice are served for drinks. Let us exchange stories of our past experiences with water.

A shortcut leads us to the pier where the boat is waiting to take you on another swinging boat ride back to Jyväskylä.


Availability: From 1st of June till 31st of August
Duration: One day, about 8 hours including boat trips Jyväskylä – Nukula – Jyväskylä  (about 2 hours)
Location: Nukula Guesthouse, Jyväskylä area in Western Lakeland, by Lake Päijänne
Group size: 4 – 10
– Adults 360,00 € per person
– Children 270,00 € per child, 5 – 13 year

What’s included: Drinks, meals, Traditional Sauna by lake Päijänne (3 hours), barbeque sausage, thin pancakes, water, and juice are available in the sauna, and activities mentioned in program. Transportation from Jyväskylä – Nukula – Jyväskylä by boat or from Jyväskylä by boat and back to Jyväskylä by bus.
Supplements: Additional days are possible to arrange upon prior reservations, price 177,00 € per person / day, or 119,00 € per child, 5 – 13 year.

Guided/self guided: Guided
Accessibility: Not known

How to get to Nukula:
You can arrive to Jyväskylä by train, bus or airplane.  Transportation Jyväskyä – Nukula – Jyväskylä is included in the package. Of course you can arrive to Nukula by car too. In this case,  it will be possible to organize a boat trip for you. We can also arrange transportation for bigger groups from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Booking: https://en.nukula.fi/contact-us or info(a)nukula.fi

Additional info: Spend the next night at Nukula.
Additional days are possible to arrange upon prior reservations.