Unhurried pace of being in the moment

1. Let the silence guide you through your holidays at Lake Päijänne in central Finland
2. Experience wonders of the lush forests, culinary indulgencies and purifying steams of a traditional sauna
3. Enjoy authentic Finnish nature with perfect silence, and reach your inner peace too
4. Explore the surrounding Nature by night time excursion

Finnish forest


The first proper estate founded in the Haukanmaa district was called Piililä in 1842. The farm was a big one, owning thousands of hectares’ worth of land consisting of fields but mostly rocky forests and the shore line of Lake Päijänne. These days Nukula owns the property and the estate is significantly smaller even though still surrounded by the wild forests and Lake Päijänne, a cradle of silence. The forests harbor a range of wildlife, including the moose, rabbits, foxes as well as lynxes and bears. Many birds, such as ravens or swans in addition to smaller ones have made their home in the area. Only the birds singing, wind blowing and the waves of lake Päijänne crashing ashore will break the audible silence of Nukula.

Day 1

• arrival to Nukula around noon
• welcoming coffee and tea
• familiarizing to the surroundings of Nukula, guided excursion to local nature which is including: observing, relaxing, meditating
• tasks to do: to collect different thoughts from the nature, colours, sounds, songs…
• packed lunch
• after the excursion, we will have an exhibit what was our “catch” and discussion about silence
• sauna (period of 15th of May until 20th of September) traditional sauna by Lake Päijänne. Other times at Haltia (Fairy) sauna
• dinner

Dock and lake Päijänne

Day 2

• morning swim at Lake Päijänne (period of 15th of May until 20th of September)
• breakfast
• guided excursion of silence in the nature. The client can choose the destination from several options. Aim to find the way to your inner peace
• lunch
• free time for listening the silence, relaxing, meditating, walking outside of Nukula’s surroundings
• sauna with sauna treatment; peat or rose treatment
• dinner
• night excursion

Night by lake Päijänne

Day 3

• morning swim at Lake Päijänne (period of 15th of May until 20th of September)
• breakfast
• departure from Nukula


Availability: Year-round, the Traditional Sauna by Lake Päijänne 1.5. – 30.9. and at another time Haltia (Fairy) sauna

Duration: 2 day, 2 night (Additional days are possible to arrange upon prior reservations, price 148,50 € per person / day)

Location: Jyväskylä region in Western Lakeland, by Lake Päijänne

Group size: 1–10

Price: 638,00 € per person

What’s included: Two night accommodation in double room (single supplement +32,00 € per person), meals: 2x breakfast, 1x lunch, 2x dinner, Saunas: 2x sauna, one sauna
treatment (peat or rose treatment), 2x guided Nature walk, transfers (Jyväskylä-Nukula-Jyväskylä)

Supplements: Extra sauna treatment, rowing boat 15.5. – 20.9., more guided Nature walks

Guided/self guided: Guided

Accessibility yes/no: No

Booking: https://en.nukula.fi/contact-us or info(a)nukula.fi

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